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Gouldian Finch - Photo 1

Photo of a gouldian finch from
Broken Head Aviaries

In my opinion, it is hard to to go past normal blackheads when comparing types of Gouldian Finches. No matter what head colours I breed black, red or yellow, blackhead hens will be the mothers of 95% of all the good birds.

I have already paired up the Gouldians for this season. Pairs of normal blackheads, blackhead white breasts and one pair red white breast cock to blackhead normal hen. Bred an outstanding blackhead white breasted Gouldian cock last year and I will put the photo of the finch on site soon – he is a special.

The parents of that particular Goouldian Finch are the normals in the photos accompanying this note. Both parents were split white breasts.

These photos are typical of the gouldian finches we have at Broken Head Aviaries.

Click on the smaller image to launch a larger photo of the Gouldian finches from Broken Head Aviaries. Click on the left or right side of the larger photo to view the other photos in the gallery..

Current gouldian finches for sale.

Currently there are no photos of gouldian finches for sale. We will update the page with new stock soon.

However, there is stock available for purchase, mostly from the same bloodlines as the gouldian finch photos above. Please contact us to register your interest in buying gouldian finches.

For other enquiries about these or other varieties of finches, please contact us.

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