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Latest Birds for Sale

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Tri Coloured Parrot Finches

The tri coloured parrot finch is my favourite parrot finch. It has outstanding colour; the male being royal blue colour for most of the front of his body and head and beautiful green back and wings with a red rump. I

t is another eye catcher in a mixed collection.

They are easy to sex, very hardy, easy to breed, very placid, compatible with other finches, very active, breeds all year round.

Once rare and expensive but now more common and affordable and easy to access good unrelated young pairs. An aviary essential. Birds will breed in brush but do prefer a nest box.

Current tri coloured parrot finches for sale.

We currently have tri coloured parrot finches for sale at Broken Head Aviaries. Please contect us to enquire into purchasing the current stock.

Stock available for purchase now. Please contact us to register your interest in buying blue cap finches.

For other enquiries about these or other varieties of finches, please contact us.

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